Why children are so attached to their comfort objects?

Those precious comfort objects your child carries around everywhere and sleeps with every night can be an extremely important part of childhood.

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Did you know?

Christmas is coming! 

We found some really cute ideas for this winter and easy to make with kids. 

If you don't find a kid's play space or an indoor playground near, you can always improvise. 

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winter craft

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Motor skill milestones at 2 years old (Montessori)

By now, your child should be able to coordinate wrist, finger, and palm movements to turn a doorknob or unscrew a jar lid.

Additionally, he or she may also be able to hold a crayon or pencil, even with an awkward grip might. Regardless, now your child can practice making lines and circles on a piece of paper

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When should I start brushing my baby's teeth?

You can start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as they start to come through

Use a baby toothbrush

Always look for your dentist's recommendations

sensory bottle

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What's a sensory bottle? 

They consist of a jar or bottle that we fill with different materials generating a variety of sensations and stimulating essential areas of the brain when the child moves it. 

They stimulate their curiosity and desire to explore 

These bottles are an excellent tool to promote relaxation, attract positive emotions in the child, and provide a moment of enjoyment to relieve their tensions.



Kid's safety

In the Family Room: Keep electrical cords out of reach and use outlet covers 

In the Bedroom: to help prevent fires, never leave a candle burning unattended, and keep matches in a locked area 

At Others' Homes: Find out what safeguards are in place to keep children from accessing swimming pools or other water sources

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When can I let my child eat candy? How much candy should my child eat?

Halloween, Christmas, Birthday Parties...should I restrict candies to my toddler? 

It's ok if you have doubts and looking for some guidance. Dana Peter (Pedriatic Registered Dietitian) wrote a full article for and she answered the most common questions.

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Is routine good for toddlers?

Doing the same thing every day may be boring to grown-ups, but for toddlers, predictable routines lower stress, increase confidence and even make them feel smarter.

Take a look at these examples

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Sensory toys

30 Fun And Educational Baby Toys You Can DIY In Your Spare Time

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